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Some big news is that Heidi Klum and Seal have split up. So sad! They seemed like such a strong couple. And after 7 years of marriage and 4 kids, I guess they made a good run.

Heidi Klum and Seal at the 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

What’s new in baby news? Kristin Cavallari is expecting! The former Laguna Beach star and her fiance, Jay Cutler, quarterback for the Chicago Bears, are expecting baby number one. Though, by the looks of the recently snagged photo below, she isn’t showing anything yet.

Kristin Cavallari debuting her 'baby bump'

There’s more great news out there! Elizabeth Smart is engaged. The 24 year old was famously kidnapped in 2002 from her home at age 14 for 9 long months, is now a college graduate and child advocate. Congrats!


Elizabeth Smart c/o people.com

The Oscar nominees are out. I just can’t wait to see the dresses. The countdown ’til February 26th begins!

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