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Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

After preparations for a big holiday meal, I don’t think many of us want to come home tonight and cook, so if you are not eating leftovers, here is a fast and easy crock pot recipe for chicken and dumplings. Yum!

c/o Bubble Crumb


To make this Chicken & Dumplings Recipe, you will need the following ingredients:
4-6 boneless skinless chicken breasts (I used 2 very large ones)
2 tablespoons butter
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 can chicken broth
1 onion diced
1 tablespoon dried parsley
4 grands flaky refrigerator biscuits


  1. Place the chicken, butter, soup, parsley and onion in a slow cooker, and fill with enough water to cover.
  2. Cover, and cook for 5 to 6 hours on High. About 30 minutes before serving, cut the dough into chunks, place the chunks of biscuit dough in the slow cooker. Cook until the dough is no longer raw in the center.
  3. Serve and enjoy!
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