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Giraffe at Home Throw

Sweet precious baby blankets are the best!  Their soft and fuzzy  textures seem to comfort little ones to perfection. Having to part with your baby blanket is possibly one of the worst (and most traumatizing) realities of becoming an adult.  There is an ineffable emotional connection/comfort with one’s baby

blanket that as adults we inevitably will loose but who says we should loose that tangible comfort too. I still love  a good blanket, one that can cause me to reminisce on my favorite child hood companion, a blanket that is cozy soft and warms me up instantly like a Grande Americano would on a snow day, and what do you know? I found one, and adult baby blanket if you will.  An exact copy cat of the Giraffe infant blanket is the Giraffe at Home Throw, and we love it!

Incredibly soft throw is trimmed in a wide satin band and accented with a small logo patch. It beautiful and luxurious, the perfect adult baby blanket.

  • Approx. dimensions: Standard 45″W x 59″L; Large 59″W x 88″L.
  • Polymicrofiber with rayon/acetate trim; machine wash.


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