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Make Smeeps this Easter! (S’more + Peeps)

Smeeps! (S’more + Peeps)!

You can make a s’more with these guys, just as you would with a regularS'more + Peep = Smeep! marshmallow: sandwich the toasted Peep between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. However, I often prefer to toast them under the oven broiler to and serve them open-faced. They are also exquisite with a little peanut butter.


  1. For each serving, place a graham cracker on a cookie sheet.
  2. Top each graham cracker with a square of chocolate (milk or dark) and a marshmallow Peep (bunny peeps work great for this because they are flat and brown more evenly).
  3. Place under a broiler for a few minutes until the chocolate softens and the top of the Peeps are slightly browned and carmelized.
  4. Cool slightly before eating.

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