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Stuff We Love

Neil Pasricha is kind of like the Oprah of the little blog world, now that Oprah is signing off. What I mean by that is he is always around to lift us up and make us feel a little happier and much more grateful about the small things in life. It may not be complex, but it is certainly comforting.

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I’ve been following his blog 1000 Awesome Things for a little over 2 years now, and I have suggested it to many of my friends. I am always amazed at how much better it makes us all feel, especially when we are going through a difficult or stressful time in our lives. Although it’s always great for a nice laugh too!

He updates the blog every weekday, writing post that focuses on one thing in life that is “awesome” to him at the time. Some past entries include drying off in the sun after swimming, illegal naps, and having a baby fall asleep on you (a personal favorite of mine).

Don’t forget to check out Neil’s video on here.

The point is, he teaches us how important it is to not get caught up with all the bad stuff that may be happening, but instead to really center our lives around the everyday small joys that we can receive in life. And to that I say, it’s about time!


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