DIY: Decorative Children’s Frames

C/O Tuck & Cover

Get your son or daughter’s creative juices flowing with these adorable and kid-friendly frames, perfect for hanging in any child’s room. The only materials you need are an unpainted wooden frame, a giant wooden letter, scrapbooking paper, and your imagination!

The Frame 

To decorate the frame, pick any color of paint and tell your child to paint away! You can also use stamps to add detail to the frame by creating a border or additional shapes.

The Letter

You can purchase a giant wooden letter matching the first letter of your child’s name at any Michael’s or JoAnn’s near you. Decorating the letter is also at the mercy of you and your child’s imagination! You can paint any design on it, from polka dots to stripes to stars. If you don’t want to use paint, you can cut any scrapbook paper to glue on top of the letter. Attach the letter to the back of the frame with super glue!

The Background

For the background of the frame, you will also use scrapbook paper of your choosing and simply tape or glue it to the back of the frame. It’s really that easy!

Any additional decorations are completely up to you and your child, such as stickers, bows, etc.! As the for the finished product, hang it in your son or daughter’s room as a reminder of how special and unique they are, just like this DIY frame!

Thanksgiving Kids Table!

‘Tis the season to

be hungry! As Thanksgiving nears, try some of these fun crafts with your kids so they can be ready to set the dinner table!

Thanksgiving Gourd Gobblers




Your Kids Don’t Like Carrots? They Will Now!

Carrot Mosaic


Plastic bag
Cardboard cut to fit between the front and back of the shirt
carrot shirtPrewashed T-shirt
A few carrots
Paring knife
Fabric paint
Plastic plates

Wrap the plastic bag around the cardboard and slip it inside the shirt. Then create the stamps by cutting the tip of each carrot into a square or triangle shape. Meanwhile, your child can use the paper and pencil to experiment with a few designs. It’s best to stick with shapes that aren’t too intricate, like a broad-leaved flower or a flag. When she’s settled on one she likes, have her re-sketch it on the shirt.

Now pour fabric paint onto the plastic plates and show your child how to dip the carrot tips into the paint and use them to print a series of squares and triangles to fill in the sketched design

Create Cute Clothespins!

Clothespin Animal Magnets

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden clothespins 
  • Craft foam: yellow, white, black, orange, light pink and pink
  • 6 small wiggle eyes
  • Small black pom-pom (lamb tail)
  • ½” piece of fuzzy orange chenille (duck hair)
  • 3″ piece of pink skinny chenille
  • Toothpick
  • Black pen
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Pattern

How to make it:

  1. Cut out pieces from craft foam using the patternsLamb: body – white, head, and ears – black, Duck: body, wings, and head – yellow, beak – orange, Pig: body and head – light pink, ears, and snout – pink.
  2. Glue each of the body pieces to the clothespins. You want to have enough room at the top of the clothespin to be able to pinch it open using your fingers. (See photo.)
  3. Glue the heads to the bottom of the bodies. (See photo.)
  4. For the duck, glue the wings to the side of the body and the beak to the lower end of the head. Glue on wiggle eyes and orange chenille to forehead. (See photo.)
  5. For the lamb, Glue on the ears and the pom-pom tail, then glue on the wiggle eyes.
  6. For the pig, glue on the ears and the snout. Use a black pen or fine tip marker to add 2 dots on the snout for the nostrils. Glue on the wiggle eyes.
  7. To make the pigs tail, wrap the pink skinny chenille around the toothpick. (See photo.) Slide it off the toothpick and stretch it out a bit. Trim of needed and tuck it in between the body and the clothespin and add a little glue.
  8. Let everything dry before using.


  1. Craft foam can be purchased in a variety of ways. We used both foam sheets and precut shapes for our project.
  2. For fun, use a pink button for the pig’s nose instead!
  3. Instead of fuzzy chenille for the duck’s hair, you can use pieces of yarn or felt.

Don’t Have Time to go to the Aquarium? See an Octopus in your Own Home!

Yarn Octopus

What you’ll need:

  • Yarn in two different colors 
  • 2-3 cotton balls
  • Glue
  • 2 medium wiggle eyes
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue

How to make it:

  1. Choose one of the yarn colors and cut into 24 pieces that are 12” long each.
  2. Lay pieces of yarn on a flat surface in the shape of a wheel so that each piece intersects with the others in the center of the wheel.
  3. Hold 2-3 cotton balls (2 if large, 3 if small) and roll them in your hands to create a ball about the size of a ping pong ball. Place the cotton in the center of the wheel.
  4. Gather all the ends of the yarn wheel snugly up around the cotton to form the head of your octopus.
  5. Using a piece of the second color yarn, tie a knot around the yarn gathered around the cotton ball. Tie in a knot to secure and then tie a bow and trim the ends.
  6. Turn the octopus right side up. Separate the yarn into groups of six strands. Braid each group of six (in each group of six you should be braiding three sets of two strands)–you should have 8 braids when you are finished. Tie each braid with a piece of the second color yarn. Trim the edges of the tied yarn and the ends of the braids.
  7. Glue two wiggle eyes on to the head above the bow tie.
  8. Glue a piece of second color yarn for the smile.


  • Smaller children may need help holding the end of the braid and tying the knot that secures it.
  • Some children may find it easier to braid if the octopus is upside down.
  • This is a great craft for children to practice manipulating small objects and is a great motor skill exercise.

Help your Kids Make this Craft! A Gift you get to Keep with you at All Times!

Wallet-Sized Collage

Dad can keep this card in his wallet and take it with him wherever he goes — a reminder of who loves him best of all.

  • Markers, photographs and stickers 0407_walletcollage
  • Glue
  • Con-Tact paper
  1. Cut a credit-card-sized rectangle out of poster board.
  2. Decorate both sides with messages, stickers, drawings and glued-on photographs.
  3. To make the card sturdier, cover it on both sides with clear Con-Tact paper, or run it through the laminator at your local copy shop (around two dollars).

Decorate your House with Tissue Paper Pom-Poms!

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

  • Tissue paper in desired colors (8 sheets per pom-pom), by Martha Stewart Crafts, available at Michaels
  • 24-gauge white cloth-covered floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Monofilament

Step 1

Stack eight 20-by-30-inch sheets of tissue. Make 1 1/2-inch-wide accordion folds, creasing with each fold.

Step 2Fold an 18-inch piece of floral wire in half, and slip over center of folded tissue; twist. With scissors, trim ends of tissue into rounded or pointy shapes.

Step 3Separate layers, pulling away from center one at a time.

Step 4Bend wire into a loop to fit around napkin, and twist end around loop to secure.

Father's Day Crafts & Activities


Cast Catchalls

full starfull starempty starempty starempty star

This casting project may take a day or two to complete, but the end product — a pretty holder for jewelry, coins or other collectibles — will make a lasting impression on whomever your child bestows it.

Prep Time: Weekend Project
What you need:
An apple, a small acorn squash or an old baseball
2 to 3 10-inch wooden kabob sticks
Plastic bucket for mixing
Paint stirrer
2 lbs of plaster of Paris
Acrylic paints and paintbrushes
Seasons: Christmas, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Year round
Materials: paints, plaster of paris
1. Cast CatchallsFirst, prepare the mold by trimming the sides of the carton or tub so that they are about 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall.
2. Next, partially insert the kabob sticks into the center of the object you plan to cast, evenly spacing them around the circumference (with hard objects, you may have to hammer starter holes with a small nail). Rub Vaseline on the portion of the apple or squash that will be submerged in plaster (skip this step if you’re using a baseball). Then rest the skewers on the sides of the mold.
3. Use the bucket and stirrer to mix the plaster according to the package directions. Slowly pour the mixture between the object and the carton walls until one third of the object is submerged (no more, or the object will be hard to remove later). Gently tap the mold on a table to release air bubbles.
4. After one hour, lift the object from the plaster. Carefully remove the mold and let the casting cure completely (about 24 hours). Then prime the plaster with shellac or spray matte, let it dry and the casting is ready to paint. For the best effect, use a contrasting color to accent the hollowed portion. Or sponge a darker hue on the top and sides once the base coat dries.

Disney Father’s Day Printable:

Daddyland Coupon Book

full starfull starfull starfull starempty starRated by 32 members
Disney Printable - Father's Day Coupon BookDownload the template here: Daddyland Coupon Book

Help with the yard work and control of the remote control! Dad will feel like the King of Daddyland with these fun coupons.


Print out the coupons on regular paper. Cut out each coupon and the title page. Fold the title page along the dashed line with the printed part on the outside. Stack the coupons in alphabetical order and place them inside the folded title page. Staple the booklet at the top and bottom of the left side.

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