DIY: Bubble Blower

What do you get when you mix the materials lying around your house with a kid full of energy? Snake bubbles! Here is a fun and easy way to make them using just 5 materials on a perfect summer day!


C/O A Couple of Craft Addicts


– 1 empty plastic bottle

– 1 rubber band

– 1 terry cloth or wash cloth

– liquid dish soap

– water

How To Make It: 

Cut off the bottom of the empty plastic bottle. Using the bottom of the bottle, trace an outline of it onto the terry cloth and leave about an inch of overlap. Cut out the traced circle and attach it to the end of the plastic bottle using the rubber band. Dip the end into a mixture of liquid dish soap and water (2 parts soap, 1 part water). Blow away!

C/O A Couple of Craft Addicts

No-Knit Scarf Project

Martha Stewart has done it again! As the weather gets colder and our clothes need to get warmer, we found a low-cost way to make a beautiful knit scarf that will protect your neck from the bitter-cold wind! And get this–you don’t actually have to know how to knit! Source:



Cut 12 pieces of bulky-weight yarn to about 1 1/2 times the desired length of the final scarf. (We used 140-inch pieces to make an 86-inch scarf.)

Divide yarn into 4 bunches of 3 strands each. Tie 2 bunches together with a square knot, leaving 6 inches of fringe at end; repeat with remaining bunches.


Pin the knots to a piece of foam board. Knot inner 2 bunches of yarn together, spacing knot about 1 inch from existing knots, then knot left and right bunches together.

Alternate knotting the inner bunches and the left and right ones, spacing knots evenly apart, until about 6

inches of yarn remain on the end. Finish so that final knots mirror opposite end, and trim to even the ends.

Read reviews and helpful tips from others who have tried this project HERE!

Seashell Candles!

Need something decorative to light up the house for Thanksgiving dinner? Try making these easy and adorable seashell candles for a little touch of warmth during the cold winter season! Source:

Seashell Candles


You’ll need:


-Old candles or paraffin block

-Double boiler



1) Clean shells and let dry.

2) Melt small chunks of a paraffin block or old candle stubs in the top of a double boiler.

3) Cover the work surface with plastic or newspaper.

4) Slowly and carefully

pour melted wax into shells.

5) Quickly put a wick in the center of the wax.

6) Let cool about 30 minutes.

Lighthouse in a Bottle

Daylight Savings gotcha gloomy? Try brightening up the house for your whole family in just 5 easy steps with this lighthouse in a bottle lamp! All you need is a few materials that you can probably find around your house and the kids will LOVE it!


What you’ll need

  • 1.5-liter sport water bottle
  • Craft knife
  • Aluminum foil
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Black tape
  • Play-Doh or clay
  • Flashlight
  • White craft foam
  • Clear packing tape

How to make it

  1. Use a craft knife (adults only) to cut the bottle in half. Glue aluminum foil inside the cone-shaped portion of the top half (this creates a reflective dome), then use red acrylic paint to coat the outside of the foil-lined section.

2.  When the paint is dry, apply 3-inch vertical strips of black tape, spaced evenly, around the unpainted portion of the bottle top.

Lighthouse in a Bottle - Step 3

3.  In the bottom

half of the bottle, pack a baseball-sized ball of Play-Doh or clay. Stand a flashlight upright in the clay and press down to secure it in place. Cut a notch down from the bottle’s edge to allow access to the flashlight’s switch, as shown.

4.  Next, wrap an 11 1/2- by 10-inch sheet of white craft foam around the bottom half of the bottle (the foam will extend about 4 inches above the bottle) and note approximately where the flashlight switch opening is. Remove the foam and cut out a switch opening. Re-wrap the foam around the bottle and secure the overlapping ends with clear packing tape.

5.  Finally, fit the cut edge of the bottle top just inside the foam sleeve and securely tape the foam to the bottle with colored tape.

And voilà! Let there be lighthouse!

Thanksgiving Kids Table!

‘Tis the season to

be hungry! As Thanksgiving nears, try some of these fun crafts with your kids so they can be ready to set the dinner table!

Thanksgiving Gourd Gobblers




4th of July Wreath on the Cheap!

I found this adorable wreath c/o Angie via The Celler Door Stories and thought it was the simply darling.

 A perfect combination of patriotism and cuteness.  So simple.  All you will need is yarn (red white and blue obviously,) a Styrofoam

wreath and a few buttons for good measure, because buttons make everything cute!

c/o Angie via the Celler Door Stories

Stepping Stone- From a Cake Pan

I found this great blog and they had this simple and nifty way to create homemade garden stones!  Love love love.  Thank you Christina via Intimate weddings.

You will need:

  • Round non-stick cake pan (You could also use a heart-shaped pan)
  • Vaseline
  • Contact paper
  • Old plates or saucers that you don’t need (I got mine at the thrift store)
  • Glass gems
  • sea glass (optional)
  • concrete
  • marine varnish
  • Mosaic Glass Cutter (Optional. I did not use of of these, but if you want more precise cuts, this is the way to go.)
  • chicken wire
  • safety glasses
  • rubber gloves
  • dust mask
  • hammer
  • bucket
  • trowel
  • water

Put your safety glasses on. Place a plate or saucer inside a cloth bag or cover with an old sheet or towel, and smash it with a hammer. If you have a mosaic glass cutter, use it instead.

stepping stone
c/o Intimate Weddings
garden stone
c/o Intimate Weddings


Repeat until you have all the pieces you need. You’ll probably want a variety of sizes, as shown here.

garden stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

Place your cake pan on your contact paper, and trace around it.

stepping stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

Cut out the contact paper circle. Remove backing and place inside pan sticky side up. Add your mosaic pieces to the contact paper with the desired design facing down. Press each piece down so it is firmly stuck to the contact paper. Leave enough space between the pieces so that the cement can fill the spaces in between – but don’t leave too much room. (When I make my next stepping stone, I will move the pieces a bit closer together.)

garden stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

Carefully lift the piece of contact paper and view your design. (This is the back of my


garden stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

If you are happy with your design, place the design back into the pan with the sticky side up. Head outdoors, put on your dust mask and mix up your concrete according to the instructions on the bag. It will be the consistency of porridge when it’s ready.

concrete for stepping stones
c/o Intimate Weddings
stone stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

Meantime, cut a square piece of chicken wire to fit inside the stepping stone. This will help to support it. Also, line the inside rim of your cake pan with Vaseline for easy releasing.

chicken wire
c/o Intimate Weddings

Don your rubber gloves and spoon some concrete into your cake pan.

stepping stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

Spread so it evenly covers your design, about an inch thick.

stepping stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

Place your piece of chicken wire onto the wet concrete.

chicken wire hand
c/o Intimate Weddings

Spread another one inch layer of concrete over the chicken wire.

diy garden stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

Let sit for two days. (I set mine in the shed.) When it’s ready, turn it over and tap on the back of the cake pan. It should release easily. Slowly remove contact paper.

concrete stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

If there are holes,  you can fill them with cement. You can use sand paper to smooth grooves in the cement. I took a wet sponge and cleaned the entire area after removing the contact paper, then I varnished it with marine varnish.

garden stone
c/o Intimate Weddings

That’s it! Enjoy your handmade stepping stone!

pathway stone 2
c/o Intimate Weddings

Cute Shoes with a POP!

My obsession with neon and pops of color lead me to this web page.  Check out how easy this fashion statement is.  Why didn’t  think of this?  I love love love it.  Thanks Green Wedding Shoes.

c/o Green Wedding Shoes


For those of who were at The Cream event the other week, you probably saw our cute neon toe shoes we made for the event. Well, today I’m going to share how you can make them yourselves! Perfect for your wedding, party or everyday wear! I love the bright pop of color on these, but you could use any color you’d like.

c/o Green Wedding Shoes

• Nude Patent Pumps – I bought these from my local DSW for $40, but here is a great pair for $34 from that would also work great
• Pink Fluorescent Neon Spray Paint or even better  (color even less likely to chip!)
• Packing Tape
• Old Towels (to protect your shoes when you spray)

c/o Green Wedding Shoes

Tape Shoes. First you’ll want to tape your shoes. The area you don’t tape is where the color will be. I taped the rubber sole also because I wanted to get a nice, clean finish. You don’t have to tape the inside of your shoes, since we will cover them with an old towel.

c/o Green Wedding Shoes

Next cover the shoes. Take them outside and spray 2-3 coats on the shoes (don’t use more than 3 coats as the layers of paint are too much and will most likely start to chip). Then spray the color with a sealer to protect and so it won’t chip. This one works well.

And that’s it! You are done. 🙂 The hardest part is making sure you do a good job taping, but otherwise, so easy. Take off the tape and enjoy your fun new shoes!

c/o Green Wedding Shoes

We tried a pair in pink and pair in yellow – I prefer the pink, but yellow is fun too!

c/o Green Wedding Shoes


Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

In honor of all the wonderful teachers out there, here are a few easy and fun gift ideas for teacher appreciation week! 

For the teacher who needs a cup of Joe to get the day a-go!Pinned Image

These three are all great ideas from eighteen25

A teacher who loves their summers!

c/o lisa storms


And this one is my personal favorite!


c/o domesticatedlady

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