DIY: Bubble Blower

What do you get when you mix the materials lying around your house with a kid full of energy? Snake bubbles! Here is a fun and easy way to make them using just 5 materials on a perfect summer day!


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– 1 empty plastic bottle

– 1 rubber band

– 1 terry cloth or wash cloth

– liquid dish soap

– water

How To Make It: 

Cut off the bottom of the empty plastic bottle. Using the bottom of the bottle, trace an outline of it onto the terry cloth and leave about an inch of overlap. Cut out the traced circle and attach it to the end of the plastic bottle using the rubber band. Dip the end into a mixture of liquid dish soap and water (2 parts soap, 1 part water). Blow away!

C/O A Couple of Craft Addicts

DIY: Decorative Children’s Frames

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Get your son or daughter’s creative juices flowing with these adorable and kid-friendly frames, perfect for hanging in any child’s room. The only materials you need are an unpainted wooden frame, a giant wooden letter, scrapbooking paper, and your imagination!

The Frame 

To decorate the frame, pick any color of paint and tell your child to paint away! You can also use stamps to add detail to the frame by creating a border or additional shapes.

The Letter

You can purchase a giant wooden letter matching the first letter of your child’s name at any Michael’s or JoAnn’s near you. Decorating the letter is also at the mercy of you and your child’s imagination! You can paint any design on it, from polka dots to stripes to stars. If you don’t want to use paint, you can cut any scrapbook paper to glue on top of the letter. Attach the letter to the back of the frame with super glue!

The Background

For the background of the frame, you will also use scrapbook paper of your choosing and simply tape or glue it to the back of the frame. It’s really that easy!

Any additional decorations are completely up to you and your child, such as stickers, bows, etc.! As the for the finished product, hang it in your son or daughter’s room as a reminder of how special and unique they are, just like this DIY frame!

Thanksgiving Kids Table!

‘Tis the season to

be hungry! As Thanksgiving nears, try some of these fun crafts with your kids so they can be ready to set the dinner table!

Thanksgiving Gourd Gobblers




DIY Apron

Have a kid that loves to play in the kitchen? This quick and easy apron craft just might be the perfect treat!

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All you need is a pair of jeans and some ribbon or fabric scraps. You can either use a pair of jeans that your child has grown out of or check some local thrift stores for an old pair.

First, the jeans along the side seams from top to bottom so you have a front part and a back part. Taking the back part of the jeans, cut all the way across, an inch or two below where the pockets end, depending on how long your child wants the apron to be.Now this will be the main part of your apron.

Head to the fabric store or let your child rummage through some old scraps to find their favorite fabric pieces. If using ribbon, you won’t need to do much cutting. Just sew a piece across the top leaving about 1-2 feet on either side so it will reach around and tie in the back. Not a seamstress? Just thread the ribbon or fabric through the belt loops. If desired, you can also add some fun fabric or lace around the edges too (as seen in the photo above.)

You can also make this apron unique by adding some fun iron-on appliques or using some fabric paint to write your child’s name on one of the pockets. However you want to customize it is great! See other cute examples here and here. It may be a fun addition to the play kitchen, but you can also make this for a teenager or even adult just by using a larger pair of jeans. Throw in a favorite recipe or two and you’ve got a unique and useful gift, great if they’re heading off to college too!

Looking for some other creative ideas to re-purpose those old jeans? Check out this post over at for some great ideas!

A New Take on Tie Dye

Shirts with Soleshirts-sole-boy-girl-spring-craft-photo-260-ff0408efa13

Tie dye is making a huge comeback this season.  This project is a unique spin on tie dye, instead using the soles of shoes to make the patterns.


  • T-shirt
  • Con-Tact paper
  • Cardboard
  • Cosmetic wedges or sponge pieces
  • Fabric paint


1.  Create a template from a piece of Con-Tact paper.

2.  Insert a piece of cardboard between the shirt layers to keep the paint from bleeding through. Remove the paper backing from the template and press it onto the shirt.

3.  Using cosmetic wedges or sponge pieces, dab fabric paint onto a clean shoe tread. Practice printing on a piece of paper, then gently press the paint-covered tread onto the shirt, adding more paint and repeating as needed.

4.  When you are finished painting, wash the bottom of the shoe immediately with soap and water. Let the shirt dry completely before peeling off the template, then wash the shirt according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

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