Twilight Fashion

Now that the Twilight saga has finally come to an end with Breaking Dawn Part II, what do you guys think about the stars’ red carpet fashion choices? Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Robert Pattinson vs. Taylor Lautner

Who do you think rocks the

suit look better in the Berlin premiere event?

Robert PattinsonTaylor Lautner


Kristen Stewart UK Premiere Outfit: Hit or Miss?

Kristen Stewart on the Red Carpet

Kristen Stewart at UK Premiere


What do you think of the fashion choice? Do you like it?

42.2% said Yes, hot stuff!

57.6% said No, weird stuff!

Total Votes: 2720

Kristen Stewart Premiere Dress: Grade It!

Do you like this fashion choice better than her previous one?

Kristen Stewart Premiere Dress
Kristen Stewart Sheer Dress

Grade It!










 Total Votes: 2837

Ombre!!! Summer's Hot Trend

Ombre, a fancy word for a hair coloring technique where the color goes on darker at the root and then fades into lighter and brighter highlights on the mid-shaft and ends, and it is totally in this summer, and  I must admit that when I first saw it I was not on board, but more and more I am starting to love it, and I actually think I might try it for a season!  I mean if I can’t beat um’ I might as well join them.

Jessica Biel can really rock it….I mean she can pretty much rock anything so it is no surprise it looks beautiful on her.

c/o Glamor

Ashley Green is my personal favorite…. and the picture I will be sampling to my hair dresser! I love the black to dark auburn.

c/o Marlo Does Hair

Gulianna Rancic was who I first saw sporting the ombre look, and she is as gorgeous as ever! Love her.. (and Bill)





Beach Cover Up

Ugh! More gloom.  I am still hopeful that the sun will be here for good very soon.  And it is with that hope that our fashion friday rolls out this awesome beach cover up via grosgrainfabulous.blogspot. You will need  to find very thin terry cloth. Like the kind used for baby towels. Here’s some in a variety of colors on Amazon for only $7 a yard!You could also use stretch knit fabric which is what I think is being used

in these photos.


Derby Day Fashion

The Kentucky Durby “the greatest two minuets in life”  is tomorrow!

 And who has more fashion class than all those women at the derby.  The Kentucky Derby is by far my favorite day in the “fashion world” Since the dawn of the races, summer dresses, gloves, high heals  and of course large, over sized floppy hats have been ironically connected to the the Kentucky Derby.  And the bigger the hat the better! So ladies, weather you are going to the derby, or just watching it at home, get in the spirit!  Break out your hats and dresses!  All the celebs are doing it!

c/o US Weekly


c/o It's Always Sunny

Summer Preview

I was on Polyvore and coming across some really adorable summer outfits.  None of which were my fashion creations but they were darling and really getting me excited for summer days ahead and i just had to share! Shopping spree!  

Here are a few for y’all to enjoy!


Vintage Nautical

I wanna go to the beach
c/o New Clothing Co


Blissfully Casual

c/o Polyvore


Cowgirl Chic

c/o Polyvore


Flirty for work

c/o Polyvore


2012 Olympic Fashion Unveiled!

c/o E Online

There is  only 98 days left until the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England and I cannot wait!  So on that note…. lets start heating up the rivalries early.  Our first competition, fashion (or course,) and it’s the U.S. vs the U.K.  The USA’s official outfits were unveiled on the Today show.  Our beautiful America will be represented in the closing ceremonies by legendary designer    Ralph Lauren. The Olympic Team will bid fair well to the games in polo shirts, white shorts, and mid-length skirts that look all-American, yacht appropriate and featured the Polo logo, naturally!

And of course there is London,

the royal host city. They too are wearing fashion designed by another world renowned talent.  British designer Stella McCartney (yes, she is the daughter of Paul) recently reveled her collection to the U.K’s Olympians.  Stella designed every piece of athletic wear for all of U.K.’s Olympic team.


c/oSteven Madden


I have a new found love… and appreciation for NEON! Neon pink to be most specific, but the overall neon color palate is taking over my wardrobe and accessory compliments this season.  I am not the only one either, neon is the hottest trend this season and I, along with what seems to be every designer are jumping on the bandwagon.  It is a total must have for the season.  Neon is so simple to incorporate into your wardrobe, weather you want to go all out from head to toe, or just accent with a few fun and bright pieces, it’s all the rage!


c/o Radar to the Scene


1. Green Neon Earrings,
2. Neon Cap Toe Flat, Old Navy
3. Neon Pink Satchel, Steve Madden
4. Neon iPhone Case,
5. Alexis Bittar Neon Bangles, Nordstroms
6. Purple Neon Necklace, Spike the Punch
7. Neon Orange Bib,
8. Neon Clutch, Michael Kors


These are my very favorite nail colors for the season!  My toes will be sporting Punchy Pink all season long!

c/o Essie

Why Green?

Green is the new black….well in regards to St. Patrick’s Day anyway. So break out your green my dear friends, and do a little jig.  Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day! Why green any way? Believe it or not blue was the color originally associated with St. Patrick’s day and green was actually associated with bad luck! Over time green eventually got changed to the color honoring St. Patrick.  Now, the reason for the change is unclear, however, there are several explanations as to why we associate green to this fun loving holiday.

c/o Fashion Bug

Ireland’s nick name is “The Emerald Isle” for its beautifully green landscape.  Then or course there is the Irish flag represented by orange, white, and GREEN.  Rumor also has it that on March 17th, the day that St. Patrick passed away the green grass and flowers started to bloom again.  The most common belief for why we celebrate in green is the story of St. Patrick himself used a green shamrock as a metaphor to talk about his religious beliefs and there after pined a three leaf clover to his robe.


What ever the reason may be, grab your green wigs, green nail polish, green knee highs, green make-up ; green jewelry and wear them proud. GO GREEN friends!  Cheers!

c/o Lush Fab Glam

Sports = Fashion

“Sports are for boys,”  that idea is old hat! The fashion world has been profiting off the sports industry for decades and in more recent years women’s sports apparel has made great strides and even greater capital. Hot! Fashionable! Trendy! Women everywhere are  getting in the game.

c/o shopschoolhouse

So ladies, in honor of March Madness 2012, which is set to release brackets Monday and tip off’s whistle blowing on Thursday, get out your collegiate gear and represent your alma mater with pride and style.  If your alma mater is not in the tournament pick a team to cheer for, for two reasons: one because it is so much fun and two because it will give you excuse to purchase a new addition to your wardrobe.  I search and find any justification  possible!

c/o shopschoolhouse