The Sun Dress

So we have already established how wonderful it is that Spring is finally here, and with the long awaited and ever so anticipated arrival of spring time also came the same longing from my wardrobe and all my dresses that took a back seat to my down vest, scarves and sweaters, so as I welcomed the new season I did it in a sun dress!


As l took the streets to find the perfect one, one that displayed my deep appreciation for the heat of a thousand burning suns, I ran into one occurring problem…. designers are making these dresses extremely short these days.  Don’t get me wrong, they are still as darling as ever but certainly not work appropriate, so I went with the other option that also seemed to be in this season…. floor length.

Might I suggest y’all do the same! Now, I have never been too fond of the full length dress, mostly because I work so hard on a tan, that I want my valiant efforts to be displayed, however the full length dress is all the rage.  They were everywhere and simply adorable!  I was pleasantly surprised when I came home from my spring fling shopping spree with three new full length dresses.  They are fun, flirty, elongating, and although they do not show off my tan, they are the perfect addition to my spring dress collection.

So ladies put on your dresses and have some (more) fun in the sun! Stay cool and look HOT!

Fashion Fridays!

The sun is shining, its a beautiful day and you are stuck inside at work! Don’t worry the work day will end and you will get to spend the remaining hours of the day outside playing with your kids or eating dinner on a patio. But wait, you don’t want to waste two outfits. Now you don’t have to because below are simple tips for that work-to-fun transition!

Prints That Go From Day to NightPrints That Go From Day to Night

The easiest way to dress for success is with a printed shirtdress in a fancy fabric, making it prim enough for day yet silky enough to slip right into evening. Just the thing for a social butterfly like you.

Get “Day to Night” Just Right

Try a sleeveless dress cinched with a serious belt for a daytime work look, and let down your hair after 6 P.M., when you head into your cocktail hour.

The Hot-Weather Work Look

Hot summer days are manageable in a work-appropriate ensemble like a comfy tank and a fitted skirt. Bold cutout heels keep it fresh and cool—just like you!

Optical Illusion

If you have only 10 minutes to get out the door, grab that patterned dress in the back of your closet, slip on the heels and you’re done.

Do the Shirtdress Thing

No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, a shirtdress that flatters your figure and goes with flats or heels will never let you down.

Katharine Hepburn Classic

If old-Hollywood style is your thing, try a tailored white shirtdress in cotton or linen with matching belt and heels for a timeless look that’s always polished and perfect.

To read about all of the work-to-fun outfits please click the link below:

Courtesy of 32 Summer Work Outfits

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

An outdoor summer wedding is romantic, but it can cause panic with wedding guests trying to decide what to wear. Here, a guide to summer wedding attire:


  • Take your cue from about the level of formality for a summer wedding from what the invitation says. Only an after six, “White Tie” or “Ultra Formal” would require a long gown (and those invites are very rare).
  • Choose pretty florals or yummy colors (pink, yellow, blue) for daytime or outdoor weddings.
  • Dress up more for weddings after 6 P.M., but still keep your look summery (sleeveless dresses, strappy sandals, glowing skin).
  • Do keep hairdos under control in hot weather with soft updos or pretty hair barrettes.


  • Don’t wear white because it competes with the bride.
  • Don’t wear hosiery, heavy makeup or chunky jewelry in hot, humid climates or you’ll melt.
  • Don’t dress too sexy — belly showing or lots of cleavage — because it’s not an appropriate occasion to dress like a tart.

Courtesy of:


Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season has been here for a while now.  If you are still looking for the perfect suit, no need to fear.  This summer is all about finding the suit that fits your body and your sense of style, whether it is a one piece or bikini.  Here are some of my personal favorites for the pool.gp706612-02vliv01

$24.99 for the top, $24.99 for the bottoms ($50 total)

This floral print is the perfect combo of sweet and flirty.  Best of all, it is reversible with a different print on the reverse side.  The price point is great as well!

J Crewerez

$44.00 for the top, $40 for the bottoms ($84 total)

I love the simplicity of this swimsuit.  There are numerous colors offered, including fuchsia.  This top or bottom make for a great mix and match with other printed swimsuits.

Victoria Secretv272325_g38


The runching on this one piece can hides any stomach imperfection.  The straps come off easily, transforming the halter into a strapless. Plus, this swimsuit is on sale right now, $42  less than usual!

Just remember, the sexiest thing you can bring to the beach is confidence.  Wear your suit with a smile, and you are sure to turn heads.

Fashion Fridays!

Sex and the City 2 came out in theaters this past weekend! Whether you saw the movie or not, its undeniable that these four ladies know how to dress! Yes, much of what the characters wear is designer but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same looks to less. Some of the trends in the movie are long maxi-dresses, long earrings, a tee-shirt tucked into a ball-gown skirt, and of course big shoes. For more information on how to dress like the SATC stars check out the article  ‘Sex and the City’ looks for less.

Fashion Fridays

Shop Styled698d29cb3901b6b_screen_shot_2010-05-21_at_104229_am

Shop Style is one of my new favorite fashion resources on the web.  Here you can shop around for different pieces of clothing, searching by type (bottoms, tops, dresses) or brands.  They have so many options in so many colors!

But my favorite feature of the site has to be the looks section.  Here Shop Style users have complied outfits inspired by music, time period, or a favorite piece of clothing.  I love bopping around the site for inspiration before picking out an outfit before a date night or big meeting.  This site also helps give me some guidance when wandering around the mall for a new outfit.

My next shopping trip is now going to include a summery shirt dress!

Fashion Fridays!

Fashion Fridays are now with Amy Michelle.  Every Friday we will post information about the newest trends, and most importantly… the sales.  old-navy-flip-flops-1-sale-201x300

Tomorrow (Saturday May 22) Old Navy will have sandals for $1!!! Yes, you heard me, $1.  Most stores open early for this sale.  I was just at Old Navy today, and they told me that I can bring my receipt in tomorrow and get the price discount then.

See you guys there tomorrow!