Six Looks That Will Make You Love Emerald Green!

Lately, I have become obsessed with the color Emerald Green because no matter what part of your body it is on, it just looks great! These are six looks that made me fall in love with emerald even more:

This look speaks for itself and makes a dramatic statement simply by the color alone.


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Utilizing the color-blocking trend that is still very much alive, this look blocks emerald with another favorite color of mine, mint.


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Emerald also looks great with cheetah print – enough said.


C/O Chicisimo

The color is perfect for a night out with minimal accessorizing.


C/O Look Book

Not many colors can look well in print, but emerald green (of course) does!



Finally, emerald looks soft and beautiful on a young girl.


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Need I say more?

Fashion Friday: These Shoes Were Made For Walking!

On trend this summer is adding a pop of color to your outfit. Let your shoes do all of the talking by adding that little pop you need to look and feel great!

Tip: The shoe pop will only work if the rest of your outfit is neutral. Think blacks, whites, beiges, dark blues, etc.

Here are some outfit ideas to help you get started:

With A Summer Dress:

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With Cargo/Khaki Pants:


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With A Pencil Skirt:


C/O District Sparkle

With Cuffed Jeans:


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With A Full Skirt:


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How to Dress Up Your Baby Bump

Aside from her pregnancy glow, the Royal Duchess Kate Middleton has been stepping out recently in another flattering look: her pregnancy style! Here are some ways she dressed her bump that you can use for inspiration or admiration.

Trench Coats

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C/O E News


C/O E News

C/O E News

Pretty Pastels

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How to Wear Lipstick

Bright and daring lips are a huge trend this season! Here are some ways to do it without over-doing it:

Be Classic


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A red lip is and always will be a classic. To make a bold statement, wear red lipstick with a simple color, such as black or white. If you are a little afraid of the color’s boldness, understate the look with a print so that the eye isn’t immediately drawn to your lips. Tip: Never wear red with red!

Make It Pop


C/O Phoebe’s Fab Fix

Add a pop of color to an outfit with an unexpected color, such as bright or hot pink! These lip colors go best with a different colored top or dress, such as blue or yellow. Think of it as color blocking, but using your lips as an accessory. Tip: Have fun with a pink lipstick!

Play It Up


C/O Cosmopolitan

When done right, lipstick can also be used to play up an outfit. For instance, if you have a retro polka-dotted dress don’t be afraid to pair it with a bright red lip to play up the decade! Or if you have a darker outfit on, pair it with a deep red to play up the vampy and mysterious style. Tip: Think simple and fun, yet sophisticated!

How to Wear Spring Trends at Work

We all want to look fashionable 24 hours a day, but adding a dose of style between 9 and 5 can be a challenge. Try our work-appropriate tips to incorporate spring’s trends into your office looks (without getting a call from HR.) Thanks to InStyle magazine for showing us how!

1. A Pattern Sheath

The Look: In the office or not, a well-fitting sheath is a wardrobe essential.
The Key: Two elements make this outfit double flattering: Vertical print panels give a slimming effect, while a wide belt gives an hourglass effect.














2. Modern Suiting and a Graphic Tee

The Look: A jacket and blazer never looked so…chic.
The Key: A cropped trouser cut and emblazoned T-shirt give the traditional suit a whole new spin.














3. Mixed Prints

The Look: Print-on-print can work from 9 to 5 if it’s in a more conservative silhouette.
The Key: Go for an outfit that’s busy in pattern but not in color. A uniform white or neutral background grounds multiple prints and gives them a cohesiveness.













4. A Midi Skirt

The Look: A full skirt goes pro with the right pairings.
The Key: The mid-calf length is ideal for more conservative settings; add a slim blouse or blazer to balance out the volume down below.














5. Layered Neutrals

The Look: A family of neutral knits is an excellent alternative to a traditional suit.
The Key: Play with varying lengths, but cinch those drapey fabrics with a belt!














6. Black and White

The Look: Tried-and-true monochromatic always works, but a little detail offers a twist on the classic.
The Key: Add something: a brooch, a statement necklace, an accent detail on the shirt, to elevate the classic pairing.














7. White on White

The Look: Head-to-toe white works for the beach and the office when armed with the right fit.
The Key: Keep the pieces polished, tailored, and crisp (anything too flowing will take on a Hamptons aesthetic), and either tuck or belt to keep fabric in line.














8. Peplum

The Look: If there was ever a trend that worked for office, this flattering cut is it.
The Key: Look for a more subtle cut (anything too dramatic might be too fashion-forward for day), and add a slim skirt for a boardroom-ready pairing.














9. Leather

The Look: The edgy material can make an appearance on the office floor when paired with the right pieces.
The Key: The clean lines of a bright button-down add just the right amount of polish to a full or pencil skirt.


To Ugg or Not to Ugg

I stumbled across a surprising article on recently. Titled The Secret’s Out: Confessions of Vogue’s Ugg Addicts, the article discusses those who still wear Ugg boots. You know what? The outfits in some of these Vogue pictures don’t look bad at all. We are all busy women. Sometimes, we just want to be warm and cozy. Check out the article and see how you can work this early 2000s

trend back into your comfy weekend attire. Of course, we think a stylish outfit always includes an Amy Michelle bag.

Read the article here

Photos from the Vogue Article:



Vogue Daily — Uggs


Vogue Daily — Uggs

C/O Vogue

Black Friday: A Five-Step Strategy


c/o ABC News

Are you prepared for that week of the year where life actually gets more stressful at the end? Start settling your Black Friday anxieties now and take a look at these 5 strategies for surviving the ultimate shopping lover’s favorite holiday! Source: Lucky Magazine

1.) Make a shopping list and do your research.
Once you make a list, you can narrow your sale search to specific locations. Electronics are often the most sought-after devices on Black Friday, so if you’re looking for an HDTV or smart phone, you’ll probably be camping out in a parking lot.

2.) Arrive early to your midnight stop.
If the location is opening this early, it means you’ll probably have a lot of competition. As we mentioned before, if you’re seeking media devices, somewhere like Best Buy or Walmart (which is actually opening at 8pm on the 22 this year) is a great first stop.

3.) Re-group and do a department store sweep.
After re-fueling with an early breakfast, hit the department stores and malls that open around 5am

or 6am. (Check your local newspaper or website for opening times in your area.) Come prepared with your aforementioned list and coupons, but don’t stress too much: the big trial is out of the way. It’s okay to do a little browsing, too.

4.) Take a nap and shop the boutiques.
By the time you’ve braved the midnight madness and checked the early morning markdowns, you’re going to be exhausted. Head back home to crash for a couple hours before anything else. By early afternoon you’ll be refreshed and ready for the most relaxing portion of the day: boutique hopping.

5.) Save some cash for online shopping.
Take inventory of how much you’ve spent and what’s left to buy. E-tailers are usually cagey about releasing their sale information until right before it happens, so check periodically throughout the weekend, starting on Thursday morning. And rest up on Saturday and Sunday because you’ll have to set your alarm early again to score those special Cyber Monday deals. At least this time around you get to do it in your pajamas, right?

Feelin’ better? We sure hope so. Best of luck everyone!

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

A sneak peek into

the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show coming up in December 2012 reveals the models will be strutting circus-themed ensembles down the runway. Complete with acrobats and sword-swallowers, this is bound to be a fabulous year for the angels!

White Angel Wings

c/o Adam Jeffrey @ Yahoo! Shine

Stuff We Love

As we all know, heels are a pain in the you-know-where. But we all love them ’cause we know how cute they are and how good they make our legs look. And if you are like me, you have had those nights dancing at the party or walking to the car barefoot, heels in hand. But there is a solution. Purse Flats!


Purse Flats c/o
image c/o


These foldable miracle workers come in a variety of colors and roll up to fit right into your diaper bag, travel bag, or even small purse (most come in little pouches so they won’t get the other items of your purse dirty). Check out some of my favorite brands of fold up flats; TieksDr. Scholl’s, and for the original check out Purse Flats.