The Day I Lost the Race

Race, race, race is the only way to describe the last few weeks. Today is the day  I officially lost the race in every aspect of my life… personally and professionally.

My kids and my carpool were late to school, I missed my class at the gym, I missed a 3 p.m. deadline at the office and I did not return 2 calls that I swore to myself I would get to today.  There were smaller things too, but you get the idea.

The worst part of it is not my lack of time management (I actually excel at Just In Time Management), but the people who purposely make it difficult  when clearly they can see that you are late.  What is that all about?  Why on Earth would it matter to them enough to want to slow you down?

I simply need these “slow-down-passive-aggressive-peeps”  to get out of the way so that I don’t lose the race again.

How to Use Social Media to Screen a Pro

The last time you hired a professional to perform a service for you, were you satisfied with the results?  How did you find them?  Would you hire them again? 


There are lots of ways to screen an individual or company.  Some are free, some come at a small cost, but it is SO worth the time and effort  to do your own little background check before handing someone access to your home, your possessions…or most importantly, your family!


Social media and its rising popularity has made this so easy – it’s as simple as logging into your facebook or twitter account and doing a simple search.  Then go to google and type in a name – see what pops up.


Last summer, we hired a painting company to change the color of our home’s trim and to paint the cement patio.  I posted the gig on craigslist, got about a billion responses, and chose one that I thought sounded reasonable.  The husband/wife painting team showed up on time that first day, taped off the back patio, and told me they were on their way to Home Depot to get some paint, and could they get some money for materials.  Without a second thought I handed over enough cash to buy all of the paint and supplies – then never heard from them again.  Too little, too late, I did a quick google search for their names – and nothing came up.  I googled the name of their supposed company – nada.


If only I had thought to do that BEFORE hiring them, I would have realized that having NO info on the web was a huge red flag. 


Since then, Facebook and Twitter have blown up – and it’s easy to use them not only as fabulous time-killers, but as some of the most effective screening tools available today. 


Considering hiring a new nanny?  Check out her facebook profile – a friend of mine recently did this and was so glad that she did – she found charming posts like “took the kids with me to the liquor store and left them in the car” and “called in sick – way too much fun last night”.


What about hiring a Realtor?  You should be looking for an agent that is on top of technology – whether you are looking to buy or sell your home.  Check out their facebook profile – do they have a good balance between real estate-related updates and personal posts?  Then they probably also have a ton of friends – and one of them might want to buy your house!  Are they on twitter?  They should be – this is a huge marketing tool that every good agent should be using.  Check out Real Estate specific sites as well – Zillow, Trulia, and Active Rain are great places to start – your agent should have a profile on each of these and be active in their communities, both real and virtual, this is a great indicator of both their knowledge of today’s Real Estate industry and of what’s going on in their local market.


No matter what you are hiring a pro to do – clean your kids’ teeth, resurface your driveway, mow your lawn, sell your home – check them out before hiring them!

Who are our moms?

We’d like to introduce you to our community of moms…

ArmyMama will share her journey of being a mom in the Army Reserves in the time of war.

CorporateMom will share her experiences of balancing corporate life with family.

EnviroMom will share her view on keeping the world clean.

Fertilityat40 will share her journey of starting a family at 40 and running a company.

JetSettingMom will share her life on the road as a flight attendant.

LifeinLondon will share her experiences as an American raising her son in England as a Brit.

Momof1 will share her experiences of raising an only child.

Mompreneur will share how to keep her entrepreneurial spirit alive while raising a family.

PleasantSurprise will share her journey as a midwife with an unexpected pregnancy.

TeamMom will share her journey of being a mom of 4 VERY active kids.

TechieMom will share her love of techie gadgets to help run her empire.

WorkingMom will share her life as a Real Estate Broker and mother of 4.

We hope you enjoy our journey through motherhood!

With love,

Amy & Michelle

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Welcome to the Amy Michelle blog

When the idea of a blog was first introduced to us, we struggled with what the purpose would be.  Then it occurred to us, our blog should be about “real life” moms – successes, failures, stories… life.

We decided to get a group of moms that represent “real life” people.  They will share their journeys through motherhood – successes, failures, laughs, tears, ideas…

Our blog is about creating a community of moms that you can identify with in your own personal lives.  If nothing else, we hope you realize that they are not alone in your journey.  We want to help validate your feelings; help you take a breath when you feel overwhelmed; give you resources, understanding, ideas, and humor to make it through this crazy journey called motherhood.

With love,

Michelle & Amy

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