Last Minute Ideas for your 4th of July Party

Stars and Stripes Streamers

This is almost as fun as popping bubble wrap. Just buy a star hole-punch and GO TO TOWN on these guys. You could definitely keep a 5-year-old occupied for about 10 hours.



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Sparklers That Don’t Burn Your Eyes Out

Paper is safer.



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Pack an Independence Punch

We all know day-drinking can be a bit of a production. Instead of hitting it hard, consider some of these refreshing mocktails to keep the whole family on the same level.



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Oscar Party DIYs!

As the ultimate night of old Hollywood glitz and glam, the Academy Awards is a yearly celebration of awe-inspiring movies, gorgeous celebrities and, of course, over-the-top dresses. Although most of us won’t get the chance to make a red carpet appearance, there are several ways to celebrate the night in style — whether you’re spending time with your family or a large group of friends. In 2013 that night is Sunday, February 24. You can see the nominees here.

To give your own living room that elegant Tinseltown feel, you don’t need a celebrity-size salary; in fact, you need just a few carefully selected accessories and some creativity. These ideas, taken from a stash of ubercrafty bloggers, will help get you started.

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Get Crafty With Your Centerpiece


For an award-winning table on a small budget, create your own Oscar statuette. Although it might look complicated, Kathleen fromTwig & Thistle offers an easy-to-follow template that almost guarantees a solid end result. Experiment with the paper color and pattern for your own unique twist.


Don’t Go Overboard With Your Theme


Although it is great to have hints of Hollywood, not every decoration needs to scream “Oscars.” With a fun Oreo “cake” and white flowers, Kathleen from Twig & Thistle ensures that the elegant color scheme (and not the movie references) takes precedence.


Offer An Entertaining Party Game


Instead of just waiting around for the winners, make the entire show a party by playing this Oscar-themed bingo game with guests. A freedownload, courtesy of Jessica from How About Orange, lets you check off a box when lines are botched or celebrities are sighted.


Let Your Guests Participate

Free Printable Oscar Ballot


Since this is, after all, an awards show, have your guests pick their favorites beforehand with a fun Oscar ballot (a printable version is available here). To turn it into a tabletop decoration, Kelly from Studio DIY packaged it nicely inside a clear and gold tube and added sequins for a little sparkle.


Dress Up Like the Stars

Oscar Party


Who says adults are too old to play dress-up? For a festive party twist, Janna, Joli and Kara from The Gossip at Girlfriend Galas suggest including fun accessories, such as sunglasses, hats, boas and crowns, to make sure everyone gets their red carpet moment. To capture the moments, use disposable cameras or rent a photo booth.


Give Your Guests Something To Take Home



This sparkly creation by Kelly from Studio DIY makes for a great guest goodie bag. Just fill it with yummy treats and send everyone home with something to remember you (and your party) by.


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DIY Super Bowl Party Decorations

This Sunday is not just all about the game. We know that the food, decorations, and even the commercials  sure can be fun too.  If you are having a Super Bowl party and want  unique decorations without breaking the bank, check out these crafty ideas!

1. Who will you “Root” For?

SUPER BOWL: Who will YOU "Root" For?! SO CUTE!


This is a cute, simple  idea to add theme to your root beer. It is also a great way to show your underage guests  or those who opt for a non-alcoholic beverage that you were thinking of them!

2. Football Deliciousness

Use chives to turn deviled eggs into footballs.

Redecorate the pizza.

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Excite your guests with Football-themed foods. You can use chives to turn deviled eggs into footballs or redecorate a pizza for a touchdown masterpiece!


3. Football Field Table

Super Bowl decorations

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Turn your buffet table into a football field with removable tape and stickers! It is the perfect place for your football-themed munchies. The tape and stickers look great directly on the table, but if

you want to protect your table’s finish, you can cover your table with green butcher paper or kraft paper.

For this project you’ll need a measuring tape, white tape, white number stickers  (make sure to purchase enough sets so that you have nine 0s), and chalk or pencil.

  • Mark off 9 lines where the yard lines will go with the chalk or pencil.
  • Use the tape measure to find the center of the table (what will be the 50 yard line). Then divide each half by five to get the measurement between the rest of the lines. Make them evenly spaced so that they represent 10 yards each.
  • Mark down both lengths of the table and then stretch the tape from mark to mark, tucking the edges of the tape underneath the table.
  • Lastly, put the number stickers on the table, starting with 50 at the middle and counting down to 40-30-20-10 on both sides.
  • Now you’re done!

4. Photo Booth Backdrop

DIY Football Party Photo Booth Idea (Referee Stripe Backdrop + Themed Props)

C/O  Hostess with the Mostess

This budget-friendly referee photo booth will add more fun to your party. Even better- you get to keep the memories! It is especially great for keeping kids and teenagers entertained if the game doesn’t hold their attention. Take a look at Hostess with the Mostess for step-by-step instructions for how to make the striped back drop and theme props!

How are you planning on decorating your Super Bowl party? We would love to hear from you!

Delicious and Easy Super Bowl Recipes

This Sunday,  the Superbowl XLVII will provide us with the perfect opportunity to try out some fun recipes and scarf down finger food. We found five easy recipes so that you can prepare for the Super Bowl no matter your busy schedule! Whoever you are rooting for on Sunday, your meal will be delicious.

1. Chicken Wing Dip


This dip is pure hearty goodness and tastes just like hot chicken wings. This recipe from All Recipes has only five ingredients! Serve it with some tortilla chips or crackers.

2. Chicken Wings

C/O Frank’s Red Hot

This baked chicken wing recipe uses cayenne pepper, garlic power, buttermilk and cornstarch for a classic taste without the dip. For sauce lovers, this recipe by Frank’s Red Hot is simple, spicy, and scrumptious. If you are looking for options and more flavors, any one of these 31 Delicious Chicken Wings for Super Bowl Sunday look fabulous.

3. Guacamole

C/O Liren Baker

Few things are more delectable than homemade guacamole. This recipe from Wayfair combines jalapeno, cilantro and, of course, avocados to make creamy perfection.

4. Nachos


Sometimes, a game becomes too intense for chip-dipping concentration. This is why we have nachos. Piled high with whatever you’d like, these chips are just too good. Paula Deen’s Macho Nachos just take 20 minutes to complete, meaning you’ll be free to watch Destiny’s Child and judge all the commercials! If you’re daring or looking to

be inspired, the Food Network has compiled 50 different nacho recipes!

5. Sliders

C/O  Cook and Be Merry

Sliders are the best. You can eat so many of them without feeling like you’re over-indulging, and there are endless options to make. Traditional ground beef sliders are yummy but  if you feel like mixing it up, check out  30 Amazing Sliders for your Super Bowl Party.  The options are endless, but the healthy sliders, biscuit sliders, sliders on waffle fries, thanksgiving-style turkey sliders, and crab cake sliders are making us drool.

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Mardi Gras Madness!

Throw a Mardi Gras Party

There are two types of Mardi Gras parties – on the parade route or in another place. This section tells you how to throw a party if you can’t get to Napoleon, St. Charles, or Canal Street. Mardi Gras parties are simple. The required elements are people, food, drinks, music, decorations, and beads. You might make it a costume contest or have masks.
# 1 – People
Hopefully you’ve already got a group of people for the party. (If not, your best bet might be to trawl through the personals section.)

# 2 – Food
Traditional Mardi Gras foods are king cakes and fried chicken. King cakes are generally eaten only during the Carnival season, and are a great source of sugar for the long exhausting weeks of Mardi Gras. Families bring fried chicken, blankets, and chairs to watch the parades. Chicken is portable, easy to eat, and tasty.

# 3 – Music
Mardi Gras music will give your party the flavor of New Orleans. Music ranges from the boogie-woogie of Professor Longhair, the pop of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, the soul of the Wild Magnolias, or the Dixieland sound of Pete Fountain.Among the best titles of songs are “Funky Liza”, “Ain’t No Place to Pee on Mardi Gras Day”, and “Take Yo Drunken Ass Home” which is played by all local radio stations on the day after Mardi Gras. Check out a page full of links to New Orleans Musicians or full of Mardi Gras songs.

# 4 – Drinks
New Orleans is famous and infamous for drinking. Get recipes or mixes for Hurricanes, Hand Grenades, Pina Colodas or even the classic Sazerac.
# 5 – Beads & Masksparty_beads
Beads are quintessentially Mardi Gras. In order to have a Mardi Gras party, you MUST have beads. The purpose of beads is not (contrary to popular belief) to get women to expose themselves. Beads, toys, and other trinkets are thrown from floats in parades to the people on the street. Collecting the beads and trinkets is fun, and that is the purpose – fun itself! People sometimes use beads for other purposes – taxi drivers hang them on rear-view mirrors, locals make wreaths for their doors, doormats, homemade brassieres, etc. But 99% of beads go from the float to someone’s neck to a giant bag in their attic.

# 6 – Decorations
Decorate youparty_costumesr party with posters, beads, dolls, and more. Stick with the classic trio of colors; purple, gold and green. Don’t forget to have masks similar to the ones worn by the krewes!

# 7 – Costumes

The only day that locals dress up is for Fat Tuesday – Mardi Gras Day itself. But ohhhh do they dress up.