Laundry Bottle Pet Food Scoop

Even your pets can go green for Earth Day! Recycle an empty laundry bottle into a use scooper for your pet’s food. We even have a suggestion for the part of the bottle you cut off and don’t use!

What you’ll need:craft_laundry2_rdax_65

  • Plastic laundry bottle
  • Felt in your favorite shades
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors or a sharp knife
  • Felt alphabet stickers (optional)

How to make it:

  1. Have a grown up cut the top of the laundry bottle off, leaving the handle in tact.
  2. Remove packaging labels and wash the outside to remove any residue.
  3. Wash the inside thoroughly, making sure that all soap residue has been removed. A good rinse with very hot water will ensure all soap is gone.
  4. If using felt alphabet stickers, stick them to the front of the bottle, spelling out your pet’s name. If you don’t have the felt stickers, simply cut your pet’s name out of felt and glue them to the bottle.
  5. Cut out fun shapes such as bones, biscuits, and paw prints, and glue them all over the bottle.
  6. Let dry completely before using.

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April 18th is National Pet Owners Day!

Give your pets some love!

Celebrate Pet Owners Day (April 18) by commemorating your status as an animalYoung woman with dog and cat.lover. Think of how your four-legged family member has enhanced your life and act on it. Heres how:

1- Donate to a shelter.
Through the generous donations of the public, pet adoption shelters thrive and rescue domesticated animals. They give them health care, training and other things necessary to make them adoptable. Do your part and help keep these places financially afloat.

2- Write a haiku poem.

Remember how haiku poems were popular in high school? You used them to express how you felt about a special boy or girl. Take this same concept and apply it to your pet. Celebrate Pet Owners Day by writing a haiku to memorialize a key moment in your relationship with your pet.

3- Take a portrait photo.

Portrait photos of pets are one of the biggest trends in pet ownership. Jump on the bandwagon! Go to the mall and get a special photo of your adopted dog or cat, one that you can hang on the wall with pride and show to friends. A portrait photo is the ultimate way to show any visitor your pet is an important part of your family.

4- Meet with other pet owners.
Celebrate Pet Owners Day by meeting with other pet owners. Set up a coffee clash at a donut shop. Meet at a park. Do something that will bring you together with a few animal lovers, so you can reminisce about the fact you care about man’s best friend or one of your other pets.

5- Spend quality time with your pet.
This last point is a no-brainer. On a holiday for pet owners, take time out for yours. Throw a ball, cuddle or run in the back yard. Make this day about you and your pet. It will strengthen your relationship.

Countdown to Valentine's Day! 10 Days Left!

Valentine’s Day is only 10 days away!

Now is the time to secure the dinner reservations, order the flowers and decorate the house! Look at our crafts section to get great Valentine’s Day craft ideas, which are fun and easy to do with the kids. Share your thoughts with us and respond to our trivia question and question of the day!

Question of the Day: Have you ever bought a gift for your pet for Valentines day?

dog-with-valentines-day-heartTrivia question: About 3% of pet owners will give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.