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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families

The kids may have Valentine’s parties at school, but how will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family?  Will you celebrate with the kids?  Will you get a babysitter and take this time to enjoy a romantic evening with your spouse?  Share your plans with us!  Below are a mix of ideas for families, if you haven’t yet decided what you’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day. has a few fun ideas such as getting cozy on the couch to watch A Charlie Brown Valentine or make crafts together.  Take a look at their list of ideas here.

It would be a fun V-day over at the TomKat Studio–they suggest a scavenger hunt, baking treats as a family and writing love notes, to name a few.

Reader’s Digest provides a great mix of Valentine’s Day suggestions.  Or here’s a nice idea for your spouse, at Parent Hacks.  Or a thoughtful Valentine soundtrack.

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