Would you let your mother-in-law live with you?

A couple of months ago, I might have hestitated before answering this question.  I mean, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or anything, but I just essay writers online thought it would be a bit inconvenient to have someone else living with our family.  What about privacy?  What about someone else trying to parent my kids? 

Well, 3 weeks later, I just put my husband’s mom back on the plane to London, and I wanted to grab onto her foot and drag her back into the car, making her promise to live with us forever and ever.  She was so great with the kids, the house was spotless, the laundry was always caught up, and she cooked!  I had so much freedom!  I needed to show houses at the last minute – and without a second thought she waved me out the door, “Goodbye, darling, take your time!”  I had Book Club and no time to plan dinner – “Do not worry, darling, I will fix something, you go enjoy!”

See what I mean? 

So we didn’t have as much privacy – who cares?   We are usually too exhausted to truly enjoy any privacy, anyway!  You know what’s better than privacy?  Being able to find the laundry room floor!  Not changing 20 diapers a day!  Having someone else get the baby to sleep every once in a while!

The other day I came across this website about Multi-Generational Housing – and it really does make so much sense.  We have room in our basement for a mother-in-law suite.  I’m going to start working on it!

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